How We Work

Financial planning is a highly individual process that depends very much on the needs of each individual, family, or business.

That is why we follow a strict process that enables us to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and then make practical recommendations that we can together use to build your long term programme for financial success.

Step 1

This involves an initial free, no obligation meeting, at which we can assess your requirements and you can learn about the services we offer in more detail.

At this stage, we will outline the basis of our remuneration.

Step 2

At a second meeting we will undertake a detailed investigation into your personal and family (or business) circumstances so that we can build a clear picture of where you are today and what you wish to achieve. This will include:

  • Looking at your income and assets;
  • Considering your commitments and outgoings;
  • Evaluating your existing insurance and investment arrangements; and
  • Researching your attitude towards different forms of risk.  In other words, generally getting to know you.

Step 3

We will then return to our office in order to undertake a detailed analysis and research regarding your requirements and prepare an overall plan.

Step 4

We will then return to present our proposals and to agree with you the priorities for implementation.

Step 5

Once the plans are agreed we will make the necessary arrangements, guiding you through any application forms that may be required, and explaining any documents that may be provided. We will then let you have the policies or contracts as they become available.

Step 6

Our service does not stop here. We will contact you regularly, in order to:

  • Keep you advised of developments that might be of interest to you;
  • Undertake periodic reviews with you of the investment you have made through us; and
  • Discuss your evolving requirements as circumstances change.

And, of course, we are available for you to contact us with questions you may have.

Want to know more?

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